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The best property in Turkey

ID 7395789

Apartment 1 + 1 for investment in Mersin

Mersin, tarsus

7 km
70 m²

from 53 000

ID 14248940

Apartment 1 + 1 for investment in Mersin

Mersin, mezitli

1.3 km
58 m²

from 55 000

ID 15432549

Studio for investment in Yalova

yalova, chynardzhyk

700 m
47 m²

from 55 370

ID 14548643

New investment project in Erdemli Mersin

Mersin, erdemli

400 m
62 m²

from 58 000

ID 6573197

Villa 1 + 1 in Alanya in the picturesque area of Karapinar

Alanya, Karapynar

50 km
46 m²

from 60 000

ID 7420857

Apartment 1 + 1 in the city of Mersin for investment

Mersin, erdemli

600 m
65 m²

from 63 000

ID 8766859

Apartment 1 + 1 in Mersin for investment

Mersin, tedzhe

600 m
60 m²

from 65 000

ID 11612255

Apartment 1 + 1 in the city of Mersin near the sea

Mersin, erdemli

610 m
74 m²

from 65 000

Why Turkey

Buta Homes agency for 9 years offers services for the sale and purchase of apartments, houses, villas in Turkey


The number of transactions for the purchase and sale of housing by foreigners has increased so much in the first quarter of 2022.


This is how much housing prices in Turkey have grown from 2021 to 2022.


Average rise in Turkish property prices per year.

About Us

Buta Homes agency for 9 years offers services for the sale and purchase of apartments, houses, villas in Turkey.


Buta Homes employees are professionals in their field who have extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market, and, in particular, the resort real estate of the Antalya coast, which has its own unique features, subtleties and is very different from the market in other countries.

Our managers know all the nuances of Turkish legislation, thoroughly study all the innovations and are ready to advise you on any issue.

Our company constantly conducts training sessions and presentations of objects from developer partners, where our team improves and improves its skills.

Large selection of property

We have compiled for you an extensive portfolio of the best properties from both leading developers and property owners.

Each property is checked by us personally. Before offering you an apartment or a villa, we personally go for an inspection, take photos and videos, clarify all the nuances, check the documents.

If the object is under construction, we also go to the construction site and check with the construction company all the details of the construction.

Primary or secondary real estate, for investment or for permanent residence, apartment or villa, on the first line by the sea or surrounded by the coolness of mountain forests - we are ready to satisfy any of your requests.

Legal support and service

For its clients, Buta Homes provides full legal support, ensuring the legality and transparency of the transaction. There are many important documents involved in the process of acquiring real estate, which are usually written in Turkish. We will help you competently draw up all the necessary paperwork and protect your interests.

Cooperation with our company does not end with the signing of a purchase agreement. Our after-sales service is designed to help you adapt to a new place and do everything for your comfort. We will accompany you at every stage of your new life and help you solve any issue.

Reliability and reputation

The impeccable reputation of our company is confirmed both by grateful feedback from our customers and long-term partnerships with leading construction companies in the region.

We have created our name by painstaking work and constant improvement of our services. Each of our clients is our value and close friend, whom we try to surround with maximum attention and care.

In the face of Buta Homes, you find a reliable partner who guarantees you the safety and profitability of investing in real estate in Turkey.

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